Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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Can We Please Do The NFL Equivalent Of "Putting This Horse Down"?

A brief letter to Braylon Edwards:

Dear Braylon,

I've been in your shoes before. Dropping some JV, Varsity, Intramurals, and Men's League passes, but you may notice that none of those things I participated in included the NFL. Intramurals was close, but I didn't have Darrelle Revis guarding me in practice, nor did we hold practice.

I can see the fact that you had a Darrelle Revis (robbed of Defensive MVP) guarding you everyday in practice, but come on. Mark threw like 14 incredible passes this season and you dropped like 13 of them. It pains me to hear the announcers make up excuses as to why you dropped passes, like: "hmm, the stadium lights/sun appeared to be in his eyes", "oh it appears, the defender tipped that one away" (no defender in sight), "he thought about the run after the catch." It's like come on. There is a ball imprint in the middle of your jersey. Strikes directly to the numbers that you let trickle to the ground. This is me saying it's over Braylon. It was magical when it first began, but now I have to say that I am done. You've disappointed me too many times.

Eff You,

Dub Jeezy

I request the New York Jets release Braylon Edwards at the end of the season, burn the #17 jersey and forget that such a time ever happened. I am saying this because I guarantee he will ruin something for us (ie drop a wide open TD) versus San Diego.

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