Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Nintendo Wii: Where Sports Games Go To Die

In an effort by Nintendo to wackify sports games and create a video-game only environment for today's youth, they decided to remake NBA Jam. I nearly threw up in my own pass out when I got wind of this news. I've wasted potentially 600 1993 dollars on this game in quarters. That's like 722 dollars today(what up dollar value)! With that extra $122, imagine how many double cheeseburgers I can get. I digress. The Wii is known for swallowing a good sports franchise and shitting out a kiddie game. Granted, the Wii is marketed to children, but don't put NBA Jam exclusively on the Wii. Do you know how many drinking games and pre-party experiences you elimated EA? Do you?! A six year old girl won't know that she can straight goaltend shots when she's on fire. She'll be surprised and possibly scared by all the loud noises and flashing lights.

Get this shit on the PS3 and XBox 360 immediately EA, or else we are striking and signing petititions and shit. By we, I mean me. A waste of a good idea.

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