Friday, February 26, 2010

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Dick Palmer's Guide To The Forbidden Fruit

Dub J once told me that any man could walk up to another man and by simply saying the word "Women," the two men could find themselves bitching, sharing stories, tips, emotions, and the two strangers would see how similar us men really are. Of course this wouldn't work if one of the guys were gay but you get the point. Straight men don't know women and Team Men is constantly fighting a losing battle. With that said, Dub has asked me to write the guide for young men like us to gain the upper hand on our opposing team. Throughout my weekly posts you will hear tales of failure and tales of glory (that then turn to failure), and with the use of Dick Palmer's Guide To The Forbidden Fruit, you may be able to take my experiences and see what could've been done right. Odds are you will not gain any positive knowledge from this but hey, who knows. So to my fellow male teammates, this is our time to strategize, and to the women who most likely aren't reading this, please post your contact info below so we can hang out …I'm desperate.

-Dick Palmer

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