Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Remember Snow Days?

As I get word of this impending storm that is apparently going to destroy Boston leaving only myself and cockroaches alive, I had to reminisce a bit about the pure joy of having a snow day.

Snow day buzz began well before snow or rain touched the ground. Whenever the weatherman mentioned “freezing rain” it was on. I’ve been blessed with being from area of inexplicable weather changes and extreme cold, so places were well prepared for snow. If it was snowing 3 feet, the plows were on it with the quickness. Freezing rain, though, was the bugaboo of any vehicle. Freezing rain leads to black ice which leads to vehicular stagnation and hilarious spills.

As a kid (from K-12) I would wake up on a potential snow day with unusual excitement. It can best be equated to betting a shitload of money on a horse knowing it was going to win. I’d pretty much sprint out of bed and push my mom over in an effort to check the school closings on TV while simultaneously blasting all radios. Both sight and hearing were at full attention. Of course I’d be too jazzed up on all the Trix I ate the night before to actually see or hear my school’s name. Then the moment it showed whether it was, P.S. 106, M.S. 180, or Clinton High School (Boston College hasn’t closed for anything since like 1898 during a bread crisis or something), the moment would be nothing short of spectacular. Mom’s look was a straight concoction of shock, fear, and defeat, especially when I was little. Just mad video games, Nick Jr, and extra sleep. The life really.

Now I have a commute that doesn’t stop through rain, sleet, and apparently 4 feet of snow.

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  1. bloggggggger said... February 10, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    awwww you allowed me to relive the thrill of the snow day! Does your commute follow the mail or fed-ex ( def not UPS because they don't deliver in rain let alone sleet and snow LOL).

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