Thursday, February 18, 2010

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A Goldmine Of A Picture

--Vlade Divac...6th kid from the left.

Ok, you may be wondering why/how I have this picture. And I, like the tell-all blogger that I am, will fill you in.

1) I am friends with Vlade Divac on's completely normal.

2) I friended him. You can friend former Sacramento Kings centers only so many times.

3) This picture stumbled into my newsfeed and I couldn't help but pass this along.

There you have it. You're creeptastic bastard of a blogger has uncovered another hidden gem (or a really personal picture of a former NBA star without his permission?!) that can't be held back from any of his 2.4 readers.

Andddd, I am going out drinking. See you tomorrow, knuckleheads. Wilbonism

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