Friday, February 26, 2010

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GOAL: Don't Let This Be Me (Or You) At The Bars This Weekend

It's an action packed weekend on all ends of things. I'm involved in some stuff and missing out on plenty. One of those rare situations when the world can use 2 clones of Dub Jeezy, so I can be in three places at once.

To my friends in NYC, stay safe and have a great time. Don't lose anyone and make sure that cellphones are charged. Can't say that enough, but we're all idiots and forget anyway.

To my brothas from another motha out in Syracuse, enjoy the game and rock out hard. I'm reppin' hard for 'Cuse v. Nova and the TKE house.

Lastly, don't tangle your webs this weekend and make sure not to end up like this kitten on the edge of the bar tonight or tomorrow.

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