Friday, February 26, 2010

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Pigeon Struggling Through The Daily Commute

I've been there pigeon. People are like, "It's a nice day, why don't you walk home", I can only respond with a head shake and a confused glare. This pigeon must have dealt with the same song and dance after eating some bread crumbs by the Commons. "Hey dawg, let's fly out of here and start pre-gaming for tonight", "Nah, I'm probably just going to take the train." I mean, if the pigeon has the monthly link pass, it'd be cost inefficient not to use it.

Wait a second, this method of public transportation looks calm, relaxed, and easy..this video can't be Boston. I know this because the pigeon doesn't have bruises from being pushed up against the window for the evening rush hour or a defeated look on it's face from a terrible ride.

I am historically known to hate pigeons seeing as I get crapped on at a 5 times/year clip, but this one is doing all it can to bring them back into my good graces. It's all about respect, and I respect the hell out of this pigeon.

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