Monday, February 8, 2010

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When I hear this, I think, “whoa, so I can sleep in the clothes I am going to wear tomorrow, so I can wake up like 15 minutes later?” Yes, thoughts like that get my engine revved these days. Yes, my life sucks, its cool.

What worries me though is the fact that girls are going to start slacking out there. In college, you knew a girl was slacking when she wore those spandex pants, uggs, and some sort of fleece/winter coat combo (because I live(d) in the tundra). That was enough for us. Now girls are going to be strolling into class with PajamaJeans on, confusing the hell out of all the hormone driven college guys needing a pick me up. Granted, I wasn’t much to look at rolling to class every day with literally the same sweatpants and ill-spirited grimace on my face, but people knew what they were going to get out of me. If girls switch up the routine on the guys out there, class just might not be worth going to anymore.

You may have made several observations that I will clear up. Yes, I wore sweatpants or basketball shorts to class everyday from October-May (I dressed like the god damn President the first month of school—only get one chance to make a first impression *LIFE LESSON). Yes, I was that guy that just stared at every girl (not obviously..but sneakily) that walked into the room when I sat down. I was what some would call, creepy. And yes, I am going to test the bounds of PajamaJeans as soon as they come into the mail.

We’ll see how quick I get kicked out of the club after an uncomfortable conversation following dancing with a girl in those pants.

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