Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Who Does A Worse Job At What They're Trying To Do?


Personally, I want to cry for these guys, the reporters, the fans, and everyone that watched these videos. There is no level of awkwardness that can match that of a person trying exceptionally hard at something to no avail. Like, those coconuts had no chance of all. You just felt bad for the guy. Seeing the reporters faces, it was clear they wanted to make that "cut" motion towards the camera guy, but didn't have the heart. They just took an L for their newscast. It simply wasn't worth further breaking the coconut guy's already broken spirit.

Watermelon guy just pissed me off. He took the whole meat-head approach of, "at first you don't succeed, give yourself a mild-severe concussion." It didn't fly. What also didn't fly was the disturbed looks from the people in the crowd. It was as if they were watching a small puppy get slaughtered. Women were acting like they were at some pristine event like the Kentucky Derby. You're on a dutch gameshow, there is like a 68% chance some fruit is getting smashed.

Moral of the story, life is in fact, not about the effort you put in.

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