Monday, February 1, 2010

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My Plan To Get A Date To Go With Me To The Premiere Of “Valentines Day”

Just kidding! I don’t have a plan. Well not a logical, well thought out plan to achieve a beautiful date to the movie of 2010. Unless, you count me drinking 8 beers at home before going out to a bar between the nights of Thursday and Sunday, this “plan” is probably not in the cards.

Seriously though, is this going to be the greatest romantic comedy of all time? At last count, I noticed there were like 47 different A/high-B list actors in this movie. It could go the way of the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers and suck, or it can take the Ocean’s Eleven/Crash approach and be a wild success. I vote the latter. Main problem--like 1000% of the time, you need a date to go to a romantic comedy. What the hell is a date? It’s not 1956; there are no more lines to determine what a date is and what isn’t. Is Uno’s a date or an insult? I don’t know anymore.

But god dammit, I want to see this movie, so I am going to have to balls up and find out.

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