Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Where Were You When Twitter And Gchat Were Simultaneously Shut Down?

^Twitter really kept itself together during the outage, huh?

Everyone will remember where they were when the two procrastination giants, Twitter and Gchat went down today. Sitting at our fucking desks, crunching fucking numbers, that's where.

Today made me realize how dependent I am on bothering all of my friends and telling 140 character jokes. Just sitting at my desk itching like a crack addict refreshing my browser. A significant part of my work day is not working, so this put a severe cramp in my style.

I took it all for granted. Hearing that familiar Gchat sound alert, checking what Justin Timberlake and random pornstars are up to, and purposely chatting people with the "I'm busy" red dot because you know they aren't busy. Nothing like it. You think I'm going to go on Facebook? Pfft, shit was like the Superdome after Katrina. A bunch of displaced souls looking for shelter until they can get their life back together.

I hope at least 40,000 people lost their jobs/lives because of this.

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