Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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This Cat Has Been Mayor Of Talkeetna, Alaska For The Past 15 Years

^look alive, bro, those potholes aren't going to fix themselves.

Someone showed me this story and asked, "Would you rather this cat run your city or a 10 year old playing Sim City 2000?" First off this is the worst question I have ever fielded, but just in case someone is an idiot, you have to go with the cat mayor. While he will do absolutely nothing and probably be an insufferable asshole to every citizen, he won't cause natural disasters and the infamous "monster" to be released along the coast.

Sure this cat looks bombed out and depleted and is coincidentally half-awake next to a six-pack of Alaskan ESB which can't NOT be the worst alcoholic beverage on the planet, but it's small town Alaska. If you fuck up there, will anyone notice? There can still be slavery and/or BP oil can flood the entire town and I'd most likely be like, "meh, that drunk ass cat did all he could do."

PS. "Mayor Jeezy, a monster has appeared along the coastline and is walking towards the nuclear power plant" was the the biggest "fuck you" in computer game history.

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