Friday, July 27, 2012

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So The Mascots For The 2012 Summer Olympics Are Bottle Opening Cyclopses

I truly cannot imagine a more disconnected group of people coming up with images for the entire world to see than this Olympic committee. Screw ups left and right.

Wish I was a fly on the wall for the roundtable discussion:

Idiot 1: "We took a lot of flack from our Olympic logo. I mean, for crying out loud, people thought it looked like one Simpson's character performing fellatio on another."

Idiot 2: "Well, it kinda did and still does. Nothing we can do about that other than knock the mascots out of the park"

Idiot 3: "Traffic cones."

Idiot 2: "What the fuck did you just say? That's genius."

Idiot 1: "I love that idea, but what do they have to do with London, or the Olympics?"


Idiot 3 starts crying

Idiot 2: "Maybe we can use something related to beer since the entire world likes beer."

Idiot 1: "I once opened a beer bottle with one of those...ummm...can't think of it...

Idiot 3: "A bottle opener?"

Idiot 1: "Yes, yes!! That's it"

Idiot 2: "Bottle openers will be the Olympic mascot and people will forget about that potentially pornographic cartoon image!"

Idiot 3: "WAIT!"

Idiot 1 and 2: "What?" "What?"

Idiot 3: "They need to be cyclopses"

::Cheering and dancing ensues::

That had to be it. I can picture three low IQ'd assclowns just lobbing terrible ideas to each other until all partires get tired and they go out and get drunk.

And that's how you end up with bottle cap opening cyclopses as you mascots for the Olympic games.

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