Thursday, July 19, 2012

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The "LOL" Heard Round The World

This is probably Ray J's finest moment since "Wait A Minute" climbed to number 8 on TRL. Just a meatball down the middle that he crushed 500 feet out of the park.

Real talk, 'Ye is probably going to call up Jay, who is probably going to call up Prokorov and Ray J will most assuredly "end up" in an ice chest in Russia. But this was a helluva a way to go out. Basically laughing in Kim's rich ass face while you chill in your two-bedroom condo eating some Chicken Of The Sea out of the can. You have to pick your battles and Ray did it well.

PS. I'd be astounded if Ray J doesn't watch that tape at least 4 times a day. Shed a tear to himself, consider masturbating, cry some more, and goes to sleep.

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