Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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My Day Long Battle To Get @BCAlumni To Follow Me On Twitter

8:00am: Checked my email on the train and saw "@BCAlumni is now following you!"

8:22am: Checked my Twitter and @BCAlumni stopped following me.

8:27am: Sent out a VERY passive-aggressive tweet describing the situation

8:35am: Typed an apology tweet, didn't send it, and let it cook for the rest of eternity in my drafts.

5:48pm: Checked my email and saw "BCAlumni is now following you!"

And that's where we are now. The piss poorest cat and mouse game that has ever been played between two accounts that don't represent a real person has finally ended. My former school deliberated for what seemed to be 8 hours and determined I was fit to follow on Twitter.

Maybe it was this gem that got them to finally follow me:

It was definitely this "try too hard to be funny" tweet that made them unfollow me:

But then they probably came back because of this wildly offensive, definitely hilarious tweet:

Proud to be an Eagle! Thanks for the follow you flaky assholes.

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