Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Guy From New Zealand Just Redefining the Furry Crime Game

Fucking New Zealand right? Just churning out criminal masterminds like it ain't no thing. Guy's crawling around the meat section at Raeward Fresh Food on all fours and shit. Like "Cousin Gary? Uncle Rick? We gotta get you guys outta here" and stampeding the hell outta that store like Rick Ross out of a GNC.
I mean come on though. If you're security at that store there's no way you're going near the most likely crack-addled homeless guy sprinting through your store with an armful of steaks. Fucking master plan on cow-bro's part.
P.S. Love the police spokesperson coming through with some comedy gold. "The offender was probably not intending to look like the beef they were stealing". Sign him up, Dub. Sign him up.

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