Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Dog Desperately Trying to Avoid "Bath Time"

Found this Huff Post article about a dog trying to avoid taking a bath. Running away, playing dead, all that stuff. Just generally avoiding its Asian owners.
Wait, a dog? Taking a hot bath? Asian owners? Run, little guy, run!
Love how these guys are just laughing the whole time trying to calm their dog down. Like "No we're not trying to eat you. We don't even like dog in this part of the world. Where would you get that idea?" No dice with this smart little fucker though. He's heard the stories. He's lost a few distant relatives. Gonna take some more effort than that to take Sparky here down.
P.S. Why are you playing dead, bro? That literally makes you easier to cook. Dog stew city. Might wanna keep that trick in the old back pocket on this one.
P.P.S. Cue the racist "r's replacing l's" jokes.

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