Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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This Squirrel Is Drunk

Or dying*.  Either or really.  If the story is true though, we've all been here.  I can spot that laid out, hoping to die look anywhere.  All you need to do is toss a burger wrapper, an open laptop littered with questionable videos and a phone with a halfway completed text to my girlfriend regretting the burger purchase to form the Dub Jeezy drunken Bermuda triangle.

Fucking vodka, man.  Flashback 8 years ago and I would punt the shit out of this squirrel for a sip of that disgusting nectar.  Too many blurry memories of gagging through warm shots of $9.99 vodka to count.  Let's just hope this squirrel was trying to impress chicks as much as I was.

*If the squirrel is dead, this might be the worst video I've ever put on the site.

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