Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Hey Spain, Your Beach. It's Covered With Dead Dragons

Spain, you're fucking up.  Plain and simple.  Yeah, maybe the U.S. has to deal with oil spills and the occasional mutant rat from time to time, but at least we have decency to not have mythical creatures wash up on our coastlines.  Also, don't play dumb and act like you don't know who this is:

Looks like Falcor finally got tired of dealing with the day to day bullshit that comes with being "The Never Ending Story" dragon.  The pages keep turning and eventually you wind up dead as hell off the shore of Madrid all crumpled and shit.  

PS. This was 200% a suicide.  Can only teach lessons and give rides to so many introverted assholes before you fly directly into a mountainside.

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