Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Rocks At The Throne

Apparently my newest co-blogger Smeesh has been lobbing unwarranted Justin Timberlake/blackness related grenades at me.  Not shocking.  When you see the throne, you want it.  I get that.  Odd play to attack the guy that everyone has been reading for over 4 years when you've been around for like a week, but I digress.   Unfortunately, I have to "Ether" you (that's "black people talk" for "shit on your last blog").

Real talk, I might be the first black person that Smeesh has interacted with.  I can sense that he's one of those types of dudes that just begs to touch black people hair.  He probably watched Game 7 of the NBA Finals this year and the last 15 minutes of "Boyz in the Hood" on VH1 and developed his assessment of all things black.  Probably sitting around his dorm room cycling between Pornhub and refreshing WMD, wondering why I haven't blogged about liquor stores, the new Jordans, Kool-Aid, and Basketball Wives yet.

Come on, bro.  Your name is Smeesh.  You live in the glass-est of houses with a racially ambiguous shitty name.  The blog moniker that YOU chose is the sound people make when they sneeze and get snot on their shirt.  

Also, the fact that your first blog opened with:

a fucking LYRICS-ONLY version of the wildly accessible "My Name Is" video says everything about the name Smeesh.

What I'm most disappointed in is the fact that the kid couldn't decide if this was hot or not:
At the very least, WMD is breaking barriers and hiring Smeesh as the first asexual blogger to hit the web.

PS.  Impromptu feud is over.  Back to blogging about the important things in life.

PPS. This blog > "Hit Em Up" > "Ether" > "Takeover"

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  1. Anonymous said... August 28, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    you should probably fire him. dead serious

  2. Anonymous said... August 28, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    he might have quit tho. you killed him.

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