Monday, August 26, 2013

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Since When Is It Cool to Like Justin Timberlake?

Seriously. I look away for 5 seconds trying to decide whether Miley Cyrus is still hot or not (strangest boner ever) and everyone hops on Timberlake's dick.

Is it because he did a few songs with Jay Z? Or is it because people are calling him "JT" now? Has to be some combination of the two, right?

P.S. Cocky move giving yourself a nickname just because you did a song with a black guy. Is that all it takes nowadays? If so, I hope the wrong numba guy is available. Smeesh is a good nickname and all, but I'm not sure it's black guy cool.

DUB JEEZY UPDATE: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.  Wow. Whoa.  A brotha can't go to get a burrito for two seconds without some of the most unwarranted/borderline psychotic Justin Timberlake slander.  It's clear Smeesh is a serial killer.  That much is known.

I don't believe I have to do this (on MY OWN blog, mind you), but I'm going to rebut the shit out of this.

1) Miley dished out zero boners last night.  A real JR Smith game.

2) I've purchased all Justin Timberlake solo albums and I literally have the best taste of music.  If that's dick ridin', myself and like 800 million people are the Lone Ranger.

3) Justin became JT because he reached the pantheon of being a white male singer accepted into the black community.  Get the respect of Pharrell and Timbaland, and Jay-Z will come to you.  Not many people out there that can say Jay-Z sought them out.

4) And Smeesh missed the wide open "black people association" joke by not referencing that he writes a blog with me, a black guy.

5) Can't blame him, the kids like 19 and is probably on Team Jacob/Belieber/Mahomie(?).

It may take months years for Smeesh to recover from this, but when puberty sets in, he'll appreciate this:

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  1. Smeesh said... August 27, 2013 at 3:24 PM

    1) I have no standards. Sluttiness caused boners in me. Maybe Miley didn't deliver any quality in the boner department, but her new found love of Thicke's dick sits well with me.
    2) You think because a lot of people agree with you your taste is good? I guess that means the top 40 really are the best musicians huh...
    3) Timberlake finally catches Jay Z's attention just in time to feature on one of his worst albums to date. Coincidence? I think not.
    4) I missed that one. Fuck.
    5) Take it back.

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