Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Here's Three or Four Things I Found On YouTube While Procrastinating

I'm still lost in the fur of that crazy shaggy dog I posted like eight years ago. This is kind of a monster post, video-wise, to make up for not posting lately.

When you have to get work done (on a fucking Sunday), it's really awesome that there's loads of stuff to distract you. Thanks, internet. I already have ADHD. I don't need any help wasting time.

I'm writing this essay about stuff that happened in the 90s, so naturally I had to look up Jamiroquai.

Then I had to know what song Napoleon Dynamite danced to. Google creeps me out/amazes me when it finishes my search phrases: "Jamiroquai what song..." I typed. " in Napoleon Dynamite" Google finished. It's like an echo.

Also, I searched for that Wyclef Jean song.

Finally I found this.

Fingers crossed that my next post will be relevant within the last two years.

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