Friday, October 4, 2013

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Walter White Obituary (Um, Spoiler Alert?)

So did anyone cry at the end of Breaking Bad?  I wanted to, but didn't.  I truly sat there and tried to will my eyes to cry, but couldn't muster up anything.  If anything deserved pure Dub J bitch-tears it was this show and it will be greatly missed.

Say what you want about the finale, the show went out correctly.  It could have been viewed as neat and tidy or convoluted and introspective.  The fact that the show gave you that option after hitting Grand Slam after Grand Slam says a lot about the quality of the "product" created by Vince Gilligan.  That being said, Albuquerque, New Mexico must be fucking sad.  Chariot turned back into a pumpkin.  People forgetting that it's a state and thinking it's actually part of Mexico.  

This obit isn't just for Walt or Breaking Bad.  It's an obituary for state pride and relevance.  RIP Albuquerque, we may never hear from you again.

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