Friday, October 25, 2013

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Pleased To Welcome This Shocked Monkey To The "WWF: New Species List"

That look.  That look right there is the look you give when the jig is up.  Bro has been hiding for like 500 years and all of sudden some human popped around the corner and photographed him.  That's the definition of shock, ladies and gentlemen.

This is also the same look every dude has on their face the first time they see boobs. If a naked female photographer took this picture and this monkey is a dude, it might have just died on the spot.

PS. Nothing better than the "Oh shit, did they see me? Better look away" face that we have all made at least a billion times, though.

Try sneaking out of the office early, have your boss pop up in the elevator bank and have someone snap a picture.  Bet it looks very similar.

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