Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Meet Boomer the Dog

Apparently this guy Gary Matthews (yeah that's a guy in the video) is an unemployed IT technician. Can't say it's a shocker that an unemployed nerd spends his free time digging holes in his backyard and licking water out of a bowl. Squid city. Not sure how this could be the right move at all in life unless...
gary matthews
... dear lord this guy could not look more like a lesbian. Well played, Boomer, well played. When life hands you lemons, you start barking at people out your window and taking shits on newspaper.
I mean the guy's costume at least kind of looks like a dog. You have someone walk you in the park and maybe you get to hump some hot chick's leg or something. Guarantee it's more action than this poor son of a bitch gets walking around looking like Tommy Wiseau's sister.
So my hat is firmly off for Gary Matthews or Boomer or whatever. Haters gonna hate, furries gonna eat dogfood and lick their own assholes.

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