Monday, October 21, 2013

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Jolly Rancher Meth Hot on the Streets Right Now

No wonder everyone likes the blue ones best.
According to HuffPost, an African American guy was thrown in jail for a day after cops searched him and found jolly ranchers in his pocket. Now, obvious racial connotations aside, I love this play by the cop.
Now I can't be sure, but I heard (From myself. Just now. When I made it up.) the arresting officer was a bit of a hefty fellow. You know the old lady's gotta be crawling up this guy's ass to diet and exercise. She buys a treadmill. Hides the junk food. What options does a man have left but to troll the local 7/11 and arrest guys who come out with jolly ranchers? Fundamental, really. I mean, when life deals you a shitty hand, you take a guy's candy and throw him in jail.

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