Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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The Blue Screen Of Death Almost Shut Down The Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

It's 2013 and the Blue Screen of fucking Death is still playing a pivotal role in our lives.  That just can't happen.  I shouldn't look up to check the gate of my flight and find the same screen that I saw when I overloaded my desktop with Kazaa porn.  I've come too far from porn-related panic attacks to have to deal with that feeling again.

Pardon me for thinking that the hub of ALL information in an International airport was maintained by an eMachines desktop in the basement.  Airport staff must have been behind the scenes using cups attached to string to communicate to solve this dilemma.  Guys, just hold the power button, hope that shit turns back on and pretend nothing happened like every one of us has in the past.

Dallas, Texas in a nutshell.  Dirk, Romo, BBQ, racism, AOL 3.2, cowboy hats, and Debbie Does...

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