Sunday, November 24, 2013

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"It's Not Gay if it's with Aaron Ramsey" Is the Fire Jam of the Winter

So background is necessary I guess. I'm an unabashed Arsenal fan (in the English Premier League) and Rambo has been absolutely killing it this year. Already 13 goals and 3 assists blowing away his former highs of nowhere-fucking-close-to-that.
Either way, whether you support Arsenal, Tottenham, United, or don't even like soccer you can't tell me this song isn't hot fire. I mean sure the production quality isn't the best but this is indie stuff. Maybe get "Fitbathatba" on a label and in a studio with Mesut Ozil rapping and he could somehow be even better. That is if it's even possible to top this.
P.S. He's totally right. If I were to hook up with Aaron Ramsey tomorrow is would be 100% straight. Like I'm not gay, bro, but come on it's Aaron Ramsey.

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  1. Anonymous said... November 25, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    Dont matta where HE GO, HOW he BE, or WHERE he gon see that at, he GON BE THAT AT. FEEL WHAT IM SAYIN? DO YOU SMELL WHAT DA MAYANAISE IS COOKIN!!!!


    King of all blacks

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