Saturday, November 23, 2013

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So I'm Probably Going To Die Soon, Right?

As you guys know I've been fairly active this week. Finally decided to take some of the weight off of Dub's back and help out. As it turns out, that might have been the worst decision of my life.
My blogs Thursday started to generate some pretty weird feedback. For instance:
"Cocaine kinda tastes like soap (sometimes).. So maybe this girl WASNT lying. IDK THO, ive only walked once cause im a ninja ninja- YOWO and IM CHILLEN ERRR DAY ERR DAY ERR DAY. LIKE IM SITTIN ON A PARK BENCH. Ninjas tryna play.

-King of all blacks."
"Man SMEESH if there is one thing you should know, its that constant visual clitoral stimulation LEADS TO A HEALTHY LIFE, naw mean?"
Pretty weird shit. So I decide whatever it's the internet you're gonna run into some strange people. But then he follows up on my next blog with this gem:
"AYO THIS GUY FINNA TURN UP FEELLLL MEEEEE, we gotta get him in a ROOM. Man. Get him on da STReet, man. Let's get dat at, let's be THAT AT, let's SEE THAT at. FEel me?! FEEEL ME


Triville man, Idaho. Lego.

- King of all blacks "
Sorry for the essay, but American Psycho doesn't have shit on the "King of all blacks". I assume I'll be chopped up in this guy's trunk by Monday. Tell my family I love them.

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