Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Woman Who Shouted "Black!" When Asked What She Knows About Zombies is Either Dumbest or Most Racist Family Fued Contestant Ever

It's not racist if black people laugh too, right?
I really wanted to come up with a way to defend this woman. REALLY tried to figure out how to get on her side here, but this bitch is either as racist as Clayton Bigsby or as dumb as Harry Dunne. Does this chick just consider everything that isn't white "black"? I get that zombies have rotting skin and all, but if anything that shit's gray. That would be like going up to Ronnie from Jersey Shore and calling him black.
But maybe she's just stupid right? I mean she certainly sounds Southern. No, actually, this seems pretty open and shut racist. Kick rocks lady. (But after you're done kicking rocks call me because you're actually kind of hot)
More black than zombies, and probably less douchy than this lady

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