Monday, November 18, 2013

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Kidnapping Your Wife/Mother with the Intent of Exorcising Her is Apparently Not Illegal

h/t HuffPost  "Prosecutors say they will not file charges against a father and son arrested on suspicion of kidnapping the father's ex-wife in Northern California to perform an exorcism."
Gotta love living in a 2 guy 1 girl household. Seriously, I mean I grew up at home with my sister, so when my dad went to work I got ganged up on. I'd have to help do chores and cook dinner, all while some bullshit like America's Next Top Fashion Designer/Cook/Model/Goat Herder is on TV.
Think that shit would fly in the Farias household? Absolutely fucking not. "What's that, mom? You want me to do the dishes while dad takes out the trash? We're not gonna need to have another exorcism are we?" BOOM, no dishes and I bet they got to go out for ice cream later.
But really, it's the perfect crime because for some reason it's not a crime. Think about it. They took her for 9 fucking days. If she had a job, that bitch was fired for going all Office Space. How in the world can you steal a person for 9 days and still be within the realm of the law? I'm not quite sure but let's put it this way: If my first kid turns out to be a guy I might just go buy a cross and not worry about doing chores ever again.
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