Monday, November 25, 2013

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Does This Look Like a Guy Who Just Got Caught Jerking It in the Walmart Women's Bathroom?

h/t HuffPost (<-- Video of this crazy old bitch chasing him with the article)
I'm not even gonna touch on this guy here (get it? ok I'll shut up) cause he's like low hanging fruit. It's so easy it's not even worth it. Besides, what business of mine is it how a guy gets his rocks off? Some guys like having sex with women and some guys like rubbing one out in the women's bathroom at Walmart. Besides, guys, he "didn't know it was the women's bathroom." Promise.
But Beth Davis, what the hell are you thinking here? You find a strange man just furiously tenderizing some tube steak in the bathroom and you don't think "that was fucking weird" and leave like a normal person, but WAIT FOR THE DUDE YOU JUST SAW JERK OFF IN A WALMART BATHROOM and film while you yell at him? You're more of a fucking psycho than poor Brian here. Spare me the bullshit about how it's wrong and you want to send a message to people like that. You just wanted your 15 minutes and you got it. So tell me, lady, how does it feel that the most note-worthy thing you've ever done is get interviewed about a guy's Walmart jerk sesh on the local news?
P.S. "That's news there? Fucking weak, Tulsa." - The State of Florida

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