Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Can You Do This?

More importantly, can you poop in this?  I publicly urinate all the time, so a #1 isn't too out of the ordinary for me, but pooping?  Man oh man, pooping in this would be an adventure.  And by "adventure" I mean a series of panic attacks and stage fright.  I'd never have the courage to use it and if I did, I'd sit there for 12 hours stricken by fear.

This picture nails the realness of the matter, complete with elderly white couple in the background.  Yeah, maybe you can do your business in public, but in front of grandma and grandpa the stakes are a bit higher when you can bear the responsibility of giving one of them a heart attack. 

If this was a reality show, I'd probably watch it.  I mean, I did watch David Blaine stick an ice pick into his hand and give Jada Pinkett-Smith a mind-orgasm last night, so all bets are kinda off.

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