Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Serge The Llama Was Stolen From The Circus And Had Himself Quite The Night

This is Serge.  He's a llama and he got kidnapped from a circus in France.  At first I was pretty upset that people would treat an animal like this, but then I realized Serge has been waiting for this moment his entire life.

He knows that there is a direct correlation to Instagram "likes" and how much people like you.  He's not letting this opportunity pass.

Naturally, Serge tried to escape immediately.  Not because he was scared, but because these kids look lame.  Unfortunately for him, he darted into an empty bus and was swiftly recaptured.

Ten hours later, Serge stands tall.  Likely shitfaced and lost, but tall.

You know you had a wild night when you're a llama and you suddenly know French and can successfully conduct interviews.

Swag on, Serge.  Swag on.

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