Friday, October 9, 2009

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Soulja Boy Pulls The Ol' Run Away From The Cops When They Find You In An Abandoned House Trick

--Crank Dat Criminal Record

I'm pissed at the cops in this situation. You know Soulja Boy was making that next catchy ass song that we would all be drunkenly dancing to in 2 months. 21 years, (sorry Drake) and I have met some decent cops, mainly because my father was a cop. These guys though are just the definition of party poopers--let's talk about the term "party pooper" for a second. Is a party pooper a person that poops on a party? Without experiencing modern society these past 21 years, I would assume that a party pooper is a vagrant that just takes shits on and around parties, but I digress...

"Hopped Up Out the Beeddddd, Hit My Head On The Ceiling Of My Jailroom Bunk"


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