Friday, October 2, 2009

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Halloween Me A Costume....Seriously

Every November I come up with the greatest Halloween costume of that previous year. It is potentially my most depressing talent. I p'd out on my Steve Urkel idea last October due to the fact that I thought it would hurt my odds of meeting I nice young lady that evening. Now that I fully recognize there is no chance of meeting a nice young lady this year, I am fully embracing any good idea. I will be whatever costume will knock the socks of the bar/party/office/grocery store function I end up being at. I don't care if it's lewd or (note) mildly offensive. Let's review my previous costumes:

Freshman Year Of College: Batman...youth size...passed out at 9:45pm

Sophomore Year: Brian Fellows of "Brian Fellows Safari Planet"

Junior Year: The Scream Guy

Senior Year: A Pirate that ended up looking like Real from "A Real Chance Of Love"

As you can see, I need some help. If you are reading this, I really would love for you to leave a comment as to what costume I should be. I'll take most suggestions. People have been expecting a brilliant cut and I've been giving them cubic zirconium. Help.

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