Thursday, October 15, 2009

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My Future

I am telling the national media today, October 15, 2009, I announce my signing to the University Of Southern California Business School: Marshall.

These past few days have told me that not only my body belongs in Southern California, but my mind does too. I'm so over long sleeve shirts and boots, and tying shoes. I have one pooka(h?) chain, no skinny jeans, and an overall appreciation for the lights, sounds, eccentricity of Hollywood.

Here's the plan (tentative, based on me surviving the Boston winter with no heat in my house):

a) dominate the Boston/East Coast/United States blogosphere

(realize plan a legitimately has no chance of working)

b) stay at my job (barring getting fired) and hopefully move up a bit

c) develop real and liquid capital ::giggle in the background::

d) get with the most hot chicks and step my athlete game up

e) do great on the GMAT and fabricate the shit out of my resume

f) pack my bags, get my dorm room, meet the cheerleading squad, and get my playbook out so I can assist Pete Carroll as the first player/coach in the history of the Southern California.

g) getting found on my initial tour of Hollywood where I get found and star in a small indie movie, but I am unable to deal with it so I invite 3 of my best friends to live with me in LA...

h) all of the above

i) none of the above (don't do it, I got big dreams)

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