Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Another One Of Those Times Where I Say, "Why Didn't I Think Of This"

What a great idea. I feel like Hulk Hogan on that episode of "Hogan Knows Best" where he reveals that he had the option in choosing either a grill (currently known as a George Foreman) or a blender (formerly known as the "Hulkamatic"). One made $6 million and one lost $10,000.

In a less significant and more loser-like scenario we have (most likely) two recent college grads. One guy chooses to blog about nothing, the other chooses to make videos of popular NFL plays with the Tecmo football layout.

Oh, bee tee dubs (BTW(By the Way)), I legitimately had this idea like 5 years ago, but never had the ability nor the balls to pull it off.

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