Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Have You Seen This Man On Any Milk Cartons?

I miss college. I miss not having to wake up early everyday. I miss my former cat Sammy. And I miss Vince Carter.

I know Vince isn't dead, but he just kills everything around him. Good players turn bad and bad players (opponents) turn unreasonably good. Now that he is on my favorite team and we are legitimate title contenders, I am freaking out. I would like to trade this bizarro Vince that exists to us now, for the Vince of yesteryear. The one who is sprawling in that picture. We are currently 1-0, but Vince usually turns it off around the 60 game mark.

Remember when he was wowing us during dunk contests? Jumping over 7'2 Frenchman?

I do. And I hope these last 6-7 years have all been a figment of my imagination and the "old" Vince never left.

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