Monday, February 21, 2011

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How Awesome Would It Be To Have KG In Your Corner In A Standard Work Environment

We saw it this weekend...Round 1 of the three-point contest when Paul Pierce rose to the occasion and hit his last three shots to advance to the final round...When usual rival LeBron James led the East back into the mix in the closing minutes of the All-Star game.

Kevin Garnett courtside straight up losing his mind.

I couldn't think of anything more gratifying then to have KG on my left while wrapping up a phone sale in the office. "Why yes, thank you sir. Okay now. Absolutely. Have a great day." That's what I'm (expletive) talking about. (Expletive expletive, expletive expletive, expletive (mean grin) expletive) YEAH. "Hey thanks Kevin, glad to see the enthusiasm in the workplace."

But really...What if Garnett brought his celebratory on-court antics to real life? How pumped is the waiter when KG is satisfied with his steak dinner? The real estate agent selling him his new house? The mail man when he's recognized for being on time every morning?

Maybe it's a bit overwhelming but the office for one is lacking energy. Somebody's gotta step up and bring the fire. Could be my calling. I'll let you know if I'm kindly escorted out of the office tomorrow.

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