Monday, February 28, 2011

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Apparently The 2012 Paraplegic Olympic Games In London Are Racist

I don't know Iran, it kind of looks like some polygons are hitting the dance floor or possibly fornicating. Nothing fishy really going down from the looks of it.

Not to get political or anything, but can Iran relax for a minute? Just a hot-head waiting to argue over anything. Reminds me of that chick in that sociology class we all took for an easy A. The professor will say something mildly controversial, but since it's a 9am class, and there's like 12 people there, no one will really contest what he said. Then there's that enterprising banshee in the back with her laptop, 5-Star binder, and tape recorder, peppy as a motherfucker and ready to get into a verbal brawl. You immediately regret taking this class, most definitely screwed up with that 9am registration time, and soon realize that Drop/Add period is over. That folks is Iran.

REALLY hoping this doesn't get me hunted/killed/WMD shut down because Iran is sneaky troublesome. Wonder if Obama will read my request for protection coming from a professional email address such as:

That was a sneaky hint to send anything funny, informative or unfunny to that email address ^. It's come down to me threatening my life and offending third world countries to get a post up these days. Need help now.

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