Monday, February 7, 2011

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Alright, What's Going On With These Mascot-Eating-Cheerleader Videos Popping Up?

Someone had to say something. Sure the first one was just playful enough to not be creepy, but this one is just like, "Whoa."

Logistically, I just don't know where this poor cheerleader can go, because it's becoming less and less likely that a person is operating these killing machines. Do we ever see the full video of these? Like what happens 10 seconds after this little gif? I'm pretty sure the mascot just casually strolls off to the sidelines and everyone just chalks up a loss for that cheerleader. As calm and collected as a brutal murder can get. Also, what creature was this mascot? It's either a raccoon or a dog/fox with a mischievous mask on. I'm going with the sketchy dog/fox because you're destined for decades of losing seasons if your mascot is a raccoon.

Moral of the story, these things have got to stop. I'm tired of buying milk and seeing countless "missing" cheerleaders on the carton.

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