Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Domino's Driver Saves Customer's Life Cause Her Order Wasn't In...My God

You know your food delivery habits are bad when fast food employees notice you haven't ordered and automatically assume your life is in danger...when it actually is. Apparently every day for the past three years, 82-year-old Memphis native Jean Wilson has ordered a large, thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two diet cokes from a local Domino's Pizza (8,760 slices and 2,190 DC's in total - somebody had to break it down). Domino's driver Susan Guy had the presence of mind to check on her when the usual wasn't called in for three days. Just recently she was on the Today Show telling the tale.

Excuse my Irish when I say this but can I call a timeout here and remind you that we're talking about fuckin' Domino's Pizza? I'd be livid if there was a delivery lady rummaging around my front lawn because I didn't go with their service that day. Maybe the pepperoni's were starting to taste bad after three years of crushing whole pies I don't know. Shit maybe I just wanted a sandwich instead.

Then she immediately dialed 911 because no one answered the door. Jesus lady, it's just a customer who likes pizza. How do you know she's stuck in her house? It's not an option for her to stroll down the street and catch some rays? Good thing for her sake the customer was down otherwise she'd be checked into an insane asylum.
So in the end Pizza woman is recovering and is expected to return home soon for some more Domino's. She's gotta be thankful no one like Craw was on the delivery scene that day...I guess they don't call them the pizza delivery experts for nothing.

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