Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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NY Basketball Is Saved

I've seen it all over my facebook walls, @WMsDiary's Twitter feed, and through a slew of text messages and voicemails. I get it. Renaldo Balkman is back home where he belongs. The day of reckoning has finally fallen upon the NBA and now NYC is back on the basketball maps.

Out of all the mistakes the NY Knicks have made as a franchise, the most obviously painful of them all was when they traded Renaldo Balkman. I mean the man was a 2nd round pick from the basketball mecca of South Carolina. A true one of a kind prospect. I shed thousands of tears and renounced myself as a Knick fan until they answered my farfetched wish of bringing him back home. Hey Miami, Boston, and Chicago--Balkman's on your ass.

But seriously--dude is going to register the most DNPs this season. I'm fairly certain he can't make lay-ups and that 0.80 rebounds a game is certainly intimidating.

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