Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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IHOP Going With The Ol' Unlimited Pancakes and Popcorn Shrimp Play

Yikes. I already have to go to the bathroom just looking at that. Let me get this straight IHOP, you're telling me I can theoretically eat thousands of shrimp and pancakes for the measly price of $10 ($10 actually factors into like $500+ due to the resulting medical expenses)?

This must be crumb-bum heaven right? Scrounge up some nickels and panhandle for like 4 hours and you can live like a king. A 4th world king, but a king nonetheless. Put the booze and mouthwash aside and literally DESTROY your insides with one of the most diabolical combinations ever conceived. This is like the Wade/LeBron evil empire version of the food world. The Deathstar being the toilet obviously.

I'm scared, but dangerously intrigued. At the hint of this post, Craw immediately raised his hand and suggested we go immediately. Looks like we'll have a real life (or death) account of this fatal union before long.

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