Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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You're Protesting the Egyptian Government? Fine, We're Taking Away Your Facebook.

^He looks so disgruntled because he can't update his status. 

Somehow, this seems like what parents today probably really want to do with their kids. "You didn't take the garbage out again? Fine- NO FACEBOOK." I don't really know how that would work, since you can check Facebook on basically your phone, your ipod, probably your watch in a secret Power Rangers hologram that I don't know about yet... but basically we're always linked in.

Unless you live in Egypt, in which case when the kids are misbehaving the government just shuts down the internet entirely

Say what? You want peace and equity and to end oppression? You're going to PROTEST? That's it... no more Facebook. Definitely no more Youtube. Now how will you laugh at that kid who sings "Teenage Dream"? If it snows, how will all of you update your status about it??

But seriously- Egypt just turned the internet off on an entire country like it was taking away TV privileges from a kid mouthing off. This is terrifying.

As for us, we just better band together with the people of Egypt by playing mindless internet games and reading mindless internet articles even MORE than usual.... Working Man's Diary the #1 supporter of the Egyptian cause? Check plus.

P.S. If only Craw's man in complete disbelief of the "internet"- whatever that is- could see this. I'd love to hear his commentary.

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