Monday, February 28, 2011

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Never Thought Hitting A Free Throw Would Look So Impossible

Give me 10 attempts on the line with Wild Bill and Co. standing behind the hoop and I might hit the rim three times. Can't believe this dude could pull himself together to hit 1 of 2. The Tea pot song couldn't have been better executed I can't believe it. I like the enthusiasm for Disney despite the disturbing Little Mermaid costume ruining the tale for ages 1-6.

Some people are gifted in their studies...others better showcase their talents in music or athletics. Wild Bill seems to have found his own niche...Where it gets him other than Sport Centers not top 10 who knows? Should he consider some kind of cash incentive here from Utah State? The board would have no choice but to applaud his efforts with the selfless work ethic presented.

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