Monday, February 21, 2011

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Ok, I Tried To Pretend That Yogi Bear Didn't Happen, But Justin Timberlake, What The Hell Man?

I'm still bumping the shit out of "Future, Sex, Lovesounds" on my Ipod in straight up denial that Justin Timberlake opted to play Boo Boo in the terrible animated film "Yogi Bear."

We get it, you've made some funny SNL skits, popped into some decent movies, and have collected the most dimepiece's phone numbers in your ho-lodex. But how about you put that white tuxedo shirt and bow tie back on and get back in the fuckin' booth bro. I never say this, but do it for the fans. Bieber's out here stealing your name, your gimmick, and he achieved something you never did--A Celebrity All-Star Game MVP.

I feel like god damn Eminem trying to bring Dr. Dre out of his hole. But instead I'm a blogger begging a former pop-star to stop getting with beautiful women and making movie checks. A life's a life I guess.

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