Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Is That Cool?: That Scene In "Blank Check" When The 32 Year Old Chick Kisses The 10 Year Old Kid On The Lips

For some ungodly reason my roommates were deep into "Blank Check" on-demand when I got back from work. Naturally I complained hard for 2 seconds and ended up getting roped in for the last 32 minutes of the movie.

Patch together some awful acting, a BUSTED plot line focused around a kid spending $1 million dollars on RCA TVs, lollipops, and Sony Walk-mans and you have Blank Check. Terrible film, but that's not the point here. The point is the kiss you see in that picture. It was that typical movie moment where the woman is supposed to give the boy that has a crush on her a kiss on the cheek. Nope. Blank Check gives zero fucks about societal norms and statutory law. They really had her lick her lips, size him up with seductive eyes and give him a passionate ass kiss. Everyone in the living room started screaming, then I demanded that we rewind and pause it on the scene so I can take a very tasteless picture and complain about a movie that came out in 1994.

In 20(Sandusky)12, this movie would not have been acceptable. That image=
10-15 years in the pen, a blip on and a "Today Show" interview with Matt Lauer.

PS. You only wrote $1 Million on a blank check, bro? I can spend a mil in a bad 45 minute stretch on the Vegas Strip. You didn't even make it rain once either. Despicable.