Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Clearfield, Pennsylvania Isn't Real And This Weekend Didn't Actually Happen

Exhibit A:

Confederate flag "Southern Pride" knife right in your face. Clearfield don't care. They'll see the melanin in your skin, disregard all societal norms and progression, put a smile on their face and hand you a symbol of racial divide. Sure you may ask, "Dub, why are you involving yourself in things that involve knives?" There's no answer that I'm proud of, but I'm just fucking sick at that "Throw the Ring Around the Knife" game. It is what it is, but I'm pretty sure Clearfield is stuck in non-racist 1956.

Exhibit B:

Clearfield also doesn't keep up with current (year long) events. Like, oblivious to newspapers, television, the internet, Reaganomics, and well publicized pedophilia. But like I said, Clearfield don't care. They'll throw a deflated rape ball at you and not bat an eyelash. Won't even ask if you need it pumped. Unreal.

Is it bad that I still had a blast, though?

I repeat:

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